Corporate Health Wholeness Programme

When you have healthy Employees you get a healthy business!

Create your own bespoke health package

Your employees are the ones that drives your business forward and so in today’s modern companies financial reward and honour’s satisfaction will not be enough but a complete focus centred on wholeness – physical, mental health and a healed heart.

Healthy employees:

  • - Take less days off sick
  • - Lower company insurance premiums
  • - Make fewer mistakes and have less workplace accidents
  • - Stay longer, lowering turnover rates
  • - Improve company culture and the morale of fellow staff member
  • - Are more productive

This Programme Is For All People:

This programme can be designed for both personal and groups package to get your employee into wholeness of physical, mental health a healed heart with the purpose of tuning more into themselves. Thereby getting a more happier. stable and centred connected employee.

Our Cikakke programme is an example of what we can provide:

Our programmes are catered to the specific needs of the clients, therefore providing a truly unique, all-in-one package, that will support, benefit, and stimulate you from your head to your toes... Touching on your Body, Mind and Emotions. Our programmes are designed to leave you elated than when you first started!

Get in touch for further details, or send your requirement and we will create a bespoke programme with you!