Dance Biography

Besides choreographing my own pieces, I work with other companies. I also lead dance workshops in schools and community settings.

I have showcased work at Dance Exchange in Birmingham choreographed for Iyalode of Eti by theatre Utopia and recently was commissioned by Lapworth Lates Geology Museum on ‘Relationship’ Project

Companies that I have worked with:

  • - Lapworth Lates- Birmingham University
  • - Utopia Theatre
  • - DancXchange
  • - Kokuma Dance & Theatre Company
  • - Tribal Soul
  • - Voar Arts
  • - Foot In Hand

Artistes that I have collaborated with:

  • - Raphael Lapouille: Dance Film (Okun)
  • - Rebecca Hemmings: Dance & Poetry project
  • - Karen Hove :Dance film (Insomnia)
  • - Geraldine Lacies- ‘Strange Fruit’ Strange Fruit

Other works include:

  • - Tatula Clan (Lillies on Water)
  • - Night Watchers
  • - Shells – African & South Asian dance piece
  • - Iyaldoe of Eti
  • - Beauty Can Come From Ashes

What Has Been Said

“Okun a multimedia solo dance piece was showcase as part of the Dance Xchange New vibes and it explored how an individual is perceived, how the individual wants to be perceived and how the individual thinks he/she is perceived.”

Cerise Andrews

“‘Iyolade of Eti’ is an intelligent, inventive and surprisingly faithful take on Malfi.”

Exeunt Magazine, Peter Kirwan

“The Critical Dance Forum ‘Adodo cumulatively “resonated with my reality” and left my nerve endings pulsating with renewed rhythm’”

Cerise Andrews