Dance Packages

  • approx 3 hours
Taster Sessions

The focus of the taster session is on developing and combining the various movement techniques of our unique style...

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  • approx 2 hours
Choreographic Workshops

This is ideal for GCSE or A level students as well as those who are leaning more about choreography and are already creating work...

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Are you a performer?

We provide the option of a short performance piece along with additional opportunities for participants to take part in their own residency performances (curtain raiser) or performances alongside the company.

So what will you get out of it?

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Benefits Include:
  • - Development of creativity skills (when developing thematic dance piece).
  • - Provision of a forum for intercultural understanding.
  • - Help to increase fitness levels.
  • - Learning to use both dance & storytelling as a means of communicating.
  • - Learning ways of combining text with movement.
  • - Building confidence and self – esteem.
  • - The opportunity to explore new experiences.