African Dance Workout Packages

My approach to all sessions is to be fun and motivating yet challenging enough for your enjoyment and for you to be constantly inspired throughout your training with me!

All sessions age level from 16+

  • 40 mins

These are aimed at those who have had very little or no experience with African Dance workout...

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  • 15 mins

This is perfect for those of us who have a very busy day but still want to get in some sort of workout...

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  • 40 mins

These are aimed at those who already have African Dance or other dance workout experiences...

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  • 40 mins

These are aimed at those who would rather have private sessions...

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  • By appointment

These are bespoke sessions suitable for those who are looking to pack a punch in their performances...

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  • 30 mins
Na So!

These are going to be free open level Zoom sessions once every last Saturday of the month

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So what will you get out of it?

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Benefits Include:
  • - Support increase mental & physical health.
  • - Help to maintain a healed heart.
  • - Building confidence and self – esteem.
  • - The opportunity to explore new experiences.
  • - Provision of a forum for intercultural understanding.